Cockroach Control Sydney


The adults are about 12mm long and light brown. There are two black stripes on the body region behind the head. The immature stages lack wings and have two dark brown stripes the length of the body. The egg case is about 6mm long and light brown.


(Blattella germanica) This cockroach remains indoors and infests kitchens and bathrooms. Large populations may develop when there is abundant food and water. The female produces an egg case every month for about six months; there are about 40 eggs per egg case.


Removing food scraps and water sources from infested areas will help to limit these pests. There is insecticide resistance in some populations.

American Cockroach


The adults are about 40mm long and shiny, chestnut brown. There are yellow marking on the region behind the head. The immatures are uniformly dark brown and lack wings. The egg case is about 10mm long and dark brown.


(Periplaneta americana) This cockroach occurs outdoors and indoors, and often infests basements and sewer systems. These large cockroaches are capable of flying, but usually remain on the ground. The female produces an egg case every month for about 10 months; there are about 16 eggs per egg case.


Limiting the movement of these cockroaches from sewer systems to basements may be done with screens placed over drains

Australian Cockroach


Reddish brown with yellow markings on the back half of its body.

This large cockroach closely resembles the American cockroach. The key characteristics are the yellow stripes on the outer edge of the front wings just behind the “shield


This cockroach is a ready flier and travels easily from trees onto houses. It is commonly attracted to homes to feed on improperly maintained trash containers and pet food on patios and decks. Once by the house, these insects may then enter.


The Australian cockroach usually invades the attic or crawl space, where it finds conditions similar to that found within a tree hole (its natural habitat). Once populations grow large inside these sites, the cockroaches regularly venture down into the home. The occasional cockroach may wander into a home from harbourage outside, but chronic infestations are most always associated with attic or crawl space populations.