The Benifets of Non-Toxic, Oudorless & Pet Friendly Pest Chemicals

In the past, the only way to rid your home of pests like your general cockroaches or termites was to fumigate your entire house. In this method, toxic chemicals such as methyl bromide or arsenic were used in gas form to suffocate or poison the pests inside. This process was disruptive to the lifestyle of the family, often taking up to a week to complete, and large traces of dangerous chemicals would remain.

However, Effective Building & Pest Control use a modern pest control technology that won’t harm your family or pets or interrupt your day to day lifestyle and activities, as we know leaving the home for hours/days can sometimes be a nuisance! So now with the new approach to ridding your home of pests, you no longer have to worry about the need to vacate your home for hours/days on end. Our company uses a non-chemical treatment program which has proven to be 100% safe to your family.

EBC will choose the system that presents the least hazard to your family, depending on the extent of your pest problem. A number of different methods are available, including:

  • Barrier
  • Baiting
  • Trenching
  • Dusting and/or
  • Reticulation

The cost of not regulating a pest infestation in your home could be severe. Several species of pests can live unnoticed in your home, continuing to be detrimental to your health, unless a proper inspection is completed. During this thorough termite inspection, our team will investigate the entire interior/exterior of the property and all accessible areas (eg subfloor, roof void/space).

Detrimental to your health

Bed bugs – Bed bugs are nocturnal parasitic insects which feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. By day they hide in crevices in beds, furniture, wallpaper and skirting boards etc, emerging when hungry, usually every few days, to feed. They can post a real problem to those with allergies or skin issues.

Termites – Termites can cause massive amounts of damage to your home without your knowledge. Termite damage bills alone can amount to over $100 million each year – greater than that caused by fire.

Cockroaches – As cockroaches spread disease and contaminate food, it is paramount to treat an infestation to ensure proper hygiene. Whether you require our services in a home or business environment, even one visible cockroach is detrimental to the image

As well as using non-chemical systems, EBC staff has the experience and skill needed to make sure every possible location in your home is inspected and treated. With our tried and tested system, we can eliminate unhealthy and unsightly pests and keep them repelled for good.

What Effective can provide for you?

The first step we take is to complete a thorough termite inspection Sydney wide and create a report. This report will be written to Australian standards and provide you with all the necessary information about your pest situation at home.

Our expert advice will determine what the appropriate method for treatment and prevention of pests are to suit your home.

Please give us a call so we can help you with your pest problem whilst keeping you, your family and pets safe! You can contact us on (02) 8677 9904 or feel free to book online.